Kremlin responds to Emmanuel Macron about war of vaccines

Kremlin responds to Macron's 'vaccine war' attacks

The Kremlin does not agree with the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron, who said that Russia and China were waging a "new type world war" with the help of coronavirus vaccines.

"These statements that Mr. Macron made probably belong to the sphere of our absolute disagreements. We absolutely do not agree that Russia or China are waging some kind of war," Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin's official spokesman said.

Peskov stressed that Russia was a responsible member of the international community.

On Thursday, March 25, the French president said that Europe was facing a "new type of world war" over coronavirus vaccines. According to Macron, this happened largely due to the actions of Russia and China that allegedly try to show influence on other countries through the vaccine.

After the statement, the developers of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine offered France to produce the drug on its own territory.

"Dear Emmanuel Macron, we try to keep vaccines out of politics - this is our best hope for peace, not war, in the world," the creators of Sputnik V wrote on their official Twitter account.

The production of different types of vaccine is "the path to vaccine independence," they added.

To date, Russia has registered three vaccines against COVID-19. The very first register drug Sputnik V consists of two components based on the human adenovirus. After Sputnik V, two more Russian vaccines - EpiVacCorona and CoviVac - were registered. In addition, Russia continues the trials of the Sputnik Light single-component vaccine.

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