Gennady Seleznyov: The Union of Russia and Belarus is in need of Ukraine

The speaker of the Russian parliament, Gennady Seleznyov, expressed his opinion today to establish the Triune Unified State: Russia, Belarus. and Ukraine. As RIA Novosti reported, Seleznyov said at the press conference on Friday, “Russia and Belarus are in need of the third corner and then there will be the pyramidal configuration.”

As Seleznyov stressed, it was very important for us not to forget the Slavonian constituent in the new global projects of the XXI century. Seleznyov also gave his opinion pertaining to the establishment of the departments of the Council of the Slavonian nations (Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine) in all regions of the three countries. Seleznyov is the co-chairman of the Council of the Slavonian nations, which was set up this summer in Moscow. Seleznyov said that the Council was meant for rendering assistance to create the joint public organization in supprot of the three countries.

Gennady Seleznyov also stated that the session of the Council, which will take place December 21 in Minsk, will discuss the development of the joint economic and scientific projections to give incentive to the integration processes between Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The regular congress of the three nations is to take place in the autumn of the year 2002.

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