Russia is a source of the world terrorism

This is what the Western media are trying to convince the public of. PRAVDA.Ru has already reported about the scandalous article from the British Telegraph newspaper. This publication cited the words from the well-known Russia scientist and head of the scientific Vektor virology center, academician Lev Sandakhchiyev; the translation of his words were a bit “messy.” As a result, the scientist’s points of view turned into scary confessions: Russian low-paid virology scientists could sell virus cultures to terrorists.

The Washington Post frightened their readers with a scary tale devoted to this subject. The newspaper “cited” the words of one of the supervisors of the Russian Nuclear Supervisory Board, Yury Volodin, who allegedly said that the nuclear arsenals in Russia were constantly subjected to terrorists’ attacks. Volodin said that there was at least one serious attempt to steal “nuclear materials” from Russian depositories within the last two years.

The report saying the Russian nuclear arsenal was subjected to serious danger appeared at the conference of the International agency for the nuclear power in Vienna. The conference discussed the possibilities of acts of terrorism with respect to nuclear power plants and other similar objects of a high level of danger. Yury Volodin caught the Western experts by surprise when he told them things that had never been said before “about an incident that took place at one of the Russian nuclear objects during the last two years that could lead to serious consequences” – the newspaper wrote.

Volodin did not say anything about that incident and what actually happened there. When today’s issue of the newspaper came out, Yury Volodin made his own comment on the published material. He claimed, he never made any such remarks. Volodin added that he made a report about the incident when a cargo of fuel arrived at one of the Russian nuclear objects and the amount of that fuel did not comply with the data mentioned in the documents. “There was a certain discrepancy,” – Volodin said.

There was an investigation carried out after that. Of course, if there is a certain discrepancy, then there are questions coming regarding the the reason. One of the versions is surely a possible theft. However, as it was said by the chairman of the administration of the State Nuclear Supervisory board, the problem was a technical mistake in the documents. Volodin also stated that the incident happened with cargo that was carried over to a civil nuclear installation. Answering the question of whether the content of the cargo could be used in the military purposes, Volodin said that “there is such a notion of the material's direct usage,” and it "did not go about such materials in that case.”

Thus, there is the translation issue. The Russian language is a very difficult one, that’s true. It is very difficult to clear up what Russian scientists actually say at international conferences.

Therefore, the report about smallpox says that the terrorists already have the cultures of this virus and that they are about to use them. This information was immediately rejected by the Russian sanitary and epidemic supervisory board. The report about the discrepancy in the amount of the fuel for the nuclear power plants was the grounds for the material about the theft of the Russian nuclear arsenal. It is so difficult to understand the point of the Russian scientists that large parts of their reports are crossed out, changed, or even written for them.

It is hard to understand what this is all for. Are they all tired of frightening the readers with Saddam Hussein or Bin Laden? Maybe the average Joe is no longer afraid of them anymore now. This seems the best thing to do – to publish a scary story in an American newspaper about a Russian biologist selling dangerous viruses to terrorists.

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