Dmitry Litvinovich: The first one is the right one

While the international community is solving the question of the future of Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance is making this future real. Spokesmen for the Northern Alliance announced the appointments of the key ministers. Abdullah Abdullah will be the Foreign Minister, Yunis Quanuni will be the Internal Minister, and Mohammed Fahim will be the Defense Minister.

Quanuni stated to the France Presse agency that the temporary administration invited all Afghan groups to cooperate (with the exception of the Taliban movement, of course). It was also said there would be a free election carried out in the country within a period of two years.

Radio Afghanistan, which is now controlled by the Northern Alliance, announced that the alliance intends to set up a military security council presided over by Fahim. This body is supposed to summon the Supreme Council of the National Unity within three months, which in its turn, will determine Afghanistan’s future, France Presse informed.

President Rabbani (acknowledged by the UN) is expected to arrive in the Afghan capital on Thursday. Rabbani is the head of the Northern Alliance, the troops of which took Kabul on Monday night.

A spokesman for the Alliance in the republic of Tajikistan said, “Rabbani will be in charge of the provinces released from the Taliban; he will also be responsible for the efforts aimed at the liberation of the provinces, which are now controlled by the Islamists.”

Having taken all the key posts in the country, the Northern Alliance has put the USA and its allies in a difficult situation. The one having the real power is the right one, and this can not be omitted. America did not expect the Northern Alliance to be that active and it is now trying to make up for it; the US is not actually able to exert any considerable influence on the Alliance.

Having lost on the battle field, America is trying to fight on the informational field. The Western media distributed the information about the mass execution of the captive Taliban members and the pilferage of humanitarian cargo. As it was said, this was all done by the Northern Alliance soldiers.

British Parliament Deputy Paul Parsden, who has recently returned to London from Afghanistan claimed, “The Northern Alliance is not an organization that is trying to fight for freedom. These are people infected with the virus of revenge.” However, British Home Secretary David Blunkett stated that the latest activity of the Northern Alliance has demonstrated that its soldiers have “the new discipline and understanding.” Therefore, one may assume that not everyone is infected with that revenge virus.

The Russian administration is not happy about the informational attacks on the Northern Alliance either. President Putin made the following comment: “If the fact of the Taliban executions are confirmed, then one will have to look into the matter. It seems that everyone forgot about the executions performed by the Taliban and about the bombed Buddha statues.”

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Reuters photo: A Northern Alliance fighter sits atop an armored vehicle decorated with flowers in central Kabul, November 15, 2001

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