New facts: Terrorist acts in America took place after unsuccessful negotiations with Kabul

This story is written in the book, which is now in stores of France. “Only a month before the terror attack the American government had active contacts with the Taliban. America wishes to get hold of Kazakhstan’s rich oil reserves and it hoped to build an oil pipeline for that via Afghanistan, which is a neighbouring country to the republic of Kazakhstan. The failure of negotiations is directly connected with the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.”

These words are taken from the book “Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth”, which was written by two French authors. It is written in the book that America’s largest oil corporations – which were closely linked with Bush’s government, were very active in the republic of Kazakhstan. But the oil pipelines are controlled by Russians there. That is why the corporations had an eye on Afghanistan. The negotiations with the Taliban actually started in February, when George W. Bush took over as president. The Talibs were ready to conduct negotiations to deliver Bin Laden and asked to acknowledge their regime on the diplomatic level in return.

The negotiations were intensified in April. Most often, they were held in Berlin and lasted till August 2 and the Americans were hoping to keep the Taliban as the ruling movement in Afghanistan.

However, the atmosphere was getting worse during the negotiations. The Americans did not get Bin Laden, because they did not realize, to what extent Laden was connected with the Taliban. A UN spokesman, who was involved in those negotiations, was conducting other negotiations simultaneously with the former Afghani king. Taliban perceived it as the conspiracy against them.

According to the authors of the book, the Americans made very serious mistakes. They threatened the Taliban with violence, although at the same time they did not seem to be determined to apply serious measures against Bin Laden. They were well-aware of the fact that Bin Laden was connected with the Saudi royal house and the American interests in Saudi Arabia were more important to them. That is why nothing happened.

Prepared by Irina Malenko PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: A roadside vendor sells posters of Saudi-born militant Osama bin Laden in Peshawar November 14, 2001

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