Putin speaks of new world order

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation spoke of a new concept of politics, based not upon fear but upon the political will of peoples.

Responding to Washington’s unilateral bid to downsize its nuclear arsenal by two thirds, President Putin declared that Moscow would do the same, over three phases, until a minimum number necessary for national security was reached. This should be around 2,000 nuclear warheads each, creating a strategic balance.

He declared that “Our countries have stopped hating each other, which allows both of us to get rid of what was a terror for the world, namely nuclear arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction”.

Regarding the new world order, the Russian president stated that “We do not need to frighten each other any more to reach agreements. It is not piles of scrap that create security. Security is created by the political will of peoples, States and their leaders”.

The new world order, based very firmly on the Moscow-London-Washington axis, is cemented on mutual trust, collaboration and friendship, instead of the suspicion, hatred and deceit apparent during the Cold War years.


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