Pakistan considers bin Laden to be invulnerable

Ex-chief of Pakistani United Intelligence Office, general Hamid Gul supposes, it will be hard for Americans to grasp Osama bin Laden even in today’s circumstances. This was announced by Gul in his interview to NNA.

According to him, some Afghan regions are practically inaccessible. Therefore, bin Laden could be caught only if someone from his surrounding or from his guard betrays him, what is hardly possible, taking into account personal devotion of fanatics who surround the terrorist, the ex-intelligence chief supposes. Several years ago, the US declared 5-million-dollar remuneration expected the person who catches the terrorist number one or gives some information about him, though nobody has not received yet this great sum.

According to Gul, the US spends 6 billion dollars every year for fight against bin Laden and his terrorist organization Al-Qaida, RIA ‘Novosti’ reports. According to the former Pakistani intelligence officer, the Taliban is still a serious and well-organized military force, though they have lost most of northern and central provinces of the country. While reaction of Pashtoon part of Afghan population that makes over 55 percent of all Afghans, could be very hard, Gul supposes.

In the east of the country, in five provinces, Pashtoon field commanders have already came to power, who, although they oppose the Taliban, are not intending to let either the Northern Alliance’s troops, or Americans go there. A similar situation seems to take shape recently in southern provinces of Afghanistan as well. This is why, it will not be complicated for bin Laden to find a shelter there, Gul notices. Earlier, it was reported with references to bin Laden surrounding, he seriously intended “better to commit suicide than to surrender to Americans or to their allies”, however this contraries to Islam’s canons blaming Muslims’ free-will death.

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