British mercenary taken prisoner in Chechnya

A British citizen has been detained by law-enforcers when he was trying to penetrate from Chechen territory to Dagestan. A Kalashnikov submachine gun, 9 charged magazines to it, grenades, explosives (trotyl grains), a bayonet, military uniform and Vahhabit literature were seized from him. Two more mercenaries, citizens of Bashkiria and Dagestan were detained together with him. Law-enforcement bodies suppose the mercenaries tried to escape from Chechnya, seeing no sense in further resistance to federal forces. For the time being, sources from the United Force have not reported yet, how the British citizen could penetrate to Russian territory and whether he had an entry visa at all. On the whole, that is quite a notorious detention: mercenaries from Arab countries were many times arrested or annihilated by law-enforcers in Chechnya, while a mercenary from Europe has been never detained before. Well, everything could happen for the first time.

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