Mullah Omar predicts USA’s “extinction”

The Taliban’s spiritual leader Mohammad Omar has predicted that there is a plan to annihilate the USA, and the plan may be actualized before too long. In his interview to the BBC's Pashtun service, Mullah Omar says “this is not a matter of weapons. ”We are hopeful for God's help, he says. In his view, “the real matter is the extinction of America. And, God willing, it [America] will fall to the ground.”

Mullah went on to say that “the plan is going ahead and, God willing, it is being implemented. But it is a huge task, which is beyond the will and comprehension of human beings. If God's help is with us, this will happen within a short period of time; keep in mind this prediction.”

Mullah Omar seems not to have been impressed over the loss of a territory in Afghanistan: “we are hopeful that you will see the same kind of change that you saw [losing and regaining territory].

Besides, “the current situation in Afghanistan is related to a bigger cause, that is the destruction of America.” And on the other hand, the “screening of Taliban [for those who are or are not loyal] is also in process. We will see these things happen within a short while.”

“We have four to five provinces. However, it is not important how many provinces we have under our control.

Once we did not have a single province, and then the time came when we had all the provinces that we have lost in a week. So the numbers of the provinces are not important.”

The Taliban’s leader has announced that he is not going to collaborate with a coalition government . The struggle for a broad-based government has been going on for the last 20 years, but nothing came of it, he says. “We will not accept a government of wrong-doers. We prefer death than to be a part of an evil government,” elaborates Mullah Omar.

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