German roadworthiness inspection got a “unique” photograph of an infringer

The road police of Germany tries to find a traffic regulation’s disturber using the photograph… of his naked posteriors. Somebody, while passing special tracking cameras with an exceeded speed, on a road section in Bonn suburb, decided to play up and showed its naked bottom to the police camera. As the shot was developed, the policemen could see a perfect photograph of the infringer’s “best frustum”. According to Werner Heisbesh, the head of fine department of the road police, this is not at all the most “original” shot of that produced by the cameras placed in Godesberg tunnel in Bonn. “Of course, I was surprised with seeing the bottom where the infringer’s face should be, though taking into account the trick’s complexity, I concluded only a well trained person could do this, probably a sportsman or an acrobat. So, we have a good chance to find him,” – the policeman noticed. If the police manages to find the joker, three unpleasant surprises expect him: a month of imprisonment, 350 DM of fine and three punctures in his driver license. Well, do you still find it funny?

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