Europe on the threshold of a new colonial war?

PRAVDA.Ru has already written of a somewhat strange approach a number European countries show towards sending their troops to Afghanistan. The Taliban seem to have been crushed, and a legitimate government being restored in the country. Nevertheless, Great Britain, Germany, and France, for some reason, have made up their minds to sent their military contingents there. What for?

Meaning: for what purpose and at whose invitation? A scandal has broken out, after all. The Northern Alliance demands that Great Britain withdraw its paratroopers from the Bagram air base. Such a demand has been put forward, because the question of the landing of over 100 British mariners in Bagram on Thursday has not been agreed to by the Northern Alliance. The British Defence Ministry argues that the landing was agreed to. Still, the Northern Alliance has expressed its bewilderment over the issue.

British Special Forces landed in the air base Bagram area, according the British media, aiming to prepare a strip at the airbase for receiving humanitarian aid and servicemen participating in the anti-terror campaign. It looks like some problems may arise with the latter. The Northern Alliance tries to make it clear that it does not want to see NATO troops on its territory. So, the French and Germans had better stay at home, or they will have to seize a stronghold in Afghanistan in an armed struggle.

Is Europe set to launch another colonial war?

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