Pakistan is awakening: We are not with Taliban, but not yet without it

Sensational news from Pakistan. The authorities of Pakistan do not acknowledge the Taliban administration as the Afghanistani government. This statement was made several days after the Taliban left almost all the major districts of the country, a day after the Taliban actually capitulated. Better late than never. There is no other country in the world that could find itself in such a dubious position. On the one hand, Pakistan totally supported the American anti-terrorist operation in the USA; on the other hand, it considered the Taliban the ruling movement in Afghanistan.

The most interesting thing here is the fact that Pakistan has not retreated from its views after signing the memorandum on the mutual understanding in the USA, as a result of which the country received the material help that was a lot bigger than the public debt.

Pervez Musharraf should be given a credit too. He was adhering to his own policy until the very last moment and only partially compromised with the USA with rebellions in Pakistan and the misunderstanding of the entire world community. He got what he wanted. Pakistan took the maximum from the current military campaign, and what is most curious in this respect is that the world community is rather happy about it.

Islamabad also claimed it had not yet broken the diplomatic relations with the Taliban movement: “We have not yet officially announced about the refusal to acknowledge the Taliban government, but it does not mean that we are still acknowledging it,” – runs the statement. Pakistan is now showing a very bright example of doublethink. Bravo!

AP photo: Pakistani girls hold a poster depicting President Pervez Musharraf as an "American slave" during a demonstration in support of the Talian in Islamabad

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