Andrey Krushinsky: Taiwanese national had to go through horror on the mainland

For four days a citizen of Taiwan, Juan Techi had to suffer from hunger, beating and electroshock tortures in the Chinese city of Syamen. But U.N. human rights commissioner Mary Robinson has nothing to find faults with here: the Taiwanese became those, who violated the human rights.

Juan Techi is a notable and a rich man: in the past he was a deputy of the Taiwanese national assembly. He moved to the mainland due to his wish to find an investment projection to get an appropriate use of his funds, since Taiwan was not experiencing a rise in its economy.

Juan was kidnapped there, in the Syamen free economic zone (which is very well known as a centre of the organized crime in China and entire East Asia) by two Taiwanese gangsters. They asked for a ransom in the sum of about 180 thousand dollars. Techi returned home after those horrible days he had to spent as a captive of his own compatriots. Juan Techi’s relatives said to journalists they preferred to negotiate with the gangsters than cooperating with the Taiwanese police.

This incident showed that the shift in the regions “between the two shores of the Taiwanese gulf,” as they write here, was not limited to three kinds of links (commercial, transport and postal). The links in the field of the organized crime are developing a lot faster.

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing

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