Sergey Borisov: Afghanistan: Absurdity comes, absurdity goes

The savages from the Taliban are no longer in Kabul. The savages, who banned music, bombed statues of Buddha, made men grow beards and women wear veils, are gone now. But who entered Kabul? Whom did the civilized Americans and Europeans bring there, to be more precise? The Russian and Western mass media present the Northern Alliance as a force resisting the brutal Talibs. The warriors of the Northern Alliance have recently been shown as the advanced detachment of the civilization that is struggling with the peace in the whole world, in particular, in the Middle East. They are rescuing the planet from Osama bin Laden. But it is not clearly seen whom America, Europe, and Russia support in Afghanistan. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote about the soldiers from the Northern Alliance who forced the Taliban out.

In the beginning of its report, the newspaper narrated how the soldiers of the Northern Alliance were checking the Taliban trenches. When they find an enemy’s corpse, they kick it and laugh. The soldiers of the Alliance drink Afghan tea with opium. A correspondent of the Australian newspaper compared them with animals, with very little of human features left in their souls. But Washington and London say they are “good guys in the Afghan conflict.”

Some guy named Farid from the Northern Alliance described his deeds in front of a CBS camera: “We got them out of their trenches, put them on the ground and drove tanks over them.” What about the human rights here? These are the savages from the Northern Alliance, “our savages” so to speak. “Our guys” were killing the Pakistani people in Mazar-i-Sharif - the people who were left by the Taliban to the mercy of fate. The soldiers from the Alliance did not have any mercy. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote that the 25-year-old conflict in Afghanistan had deformed the sense of humanity and self-respect in the civilians, and thousands of people died. Power means everything there, but at the present moment, there is a vacuum of power. The Afghans do not have to wait for anything good from the coalition with the USA as the head. Burhanuddin Rabbani claimed that the king could come back to his country, but he would have to become a common citizen for that. The spokesmen for the Northern Alliance have been appointed to the key positions in the country, but it is only a temporal measure.

As observers note, the Northern Alliance can govern the country for several weeks, months, and even years. But the Pashtuns, who make the majority, will ask for power, and this is the main perspective of country’s development in the future. The USA is looking for Bin Laden, and the “headache” of the Northern Alliance is where the Talibs are now and how come they have disappeared so fast. Having support from Pakistan, the Taliban will try to gain revenge in the guerrilla warfare. The “civilized” countries are pursuing their own interests in Afghanistan. The Afghani people themselves do not have much for hope for. Absurdity is being changed with another kind of absurdity.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: An Afghan boy stands behind Northern Alliance soldiers on the front line, at the border of Kunduz province

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