Iraq attacks USA

The official Iraqi press organs have launched a blistering attack on the USA, accusing this country of aiming to perpetuate global conflict in its own interest after the campaign in Afghanistan has ended.

The Ba’ath Party official press organ, As-Saura, declares that “Washington will provoke wars in several places to find pretexts to keep its occupation forces in different parts of the world, in the name of the defence of the United States and those it calls its allies”.

The newspaper accused the USA of wanting to be the “leader, policeman and judge” of the world, which is obliged to accept its judgements and its punishments.

Babel, a newspaper directed by Saddam Hussein’s oldest son, Uday, declares that if the USA is incapable of catching Osama Bin Laden, it will turn on another region, like Iraq, as a substitute to vent their wrath.

Iraq knows that Washington is seriously considering an attack, after the campaign in Afghanistan is over. The questions are when, and why.


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