The biological war continues

The American journalists in Afghanistan managed to attend two secret objects of the Taliban movement – in the laboratory, where the research of the anthrax cultures was carried out and they also visited a camp, where terrorists were trained.

The laboratory was owned by the Ministry for Agriculture of the Taliban movement. It is situated on the outskirts of Kabul. The American reporters talked to some of its attendants. It was noticed during those interviews that the lab attendants did not know about the way, their work was used, and if the gunmen from al-Qaeda had access to the lab. However, they confirmed, the Taliban had an opportunity to have the anthrax virus at their disposal. Meanwhile, the anthrax bacteria are still being spread in different countries, in America first and foremost. The terrorists are basically working against the mass media and the power itself, namely the Senate and the Congress. They do not work against the civilians in this respect. They realize that the outcome of that will be hatred and thirst for revenge.

It was said today that the letter, sent to Senator Patrick Leahy, was all filled with billions of anthrax spores, while only eight or ten thousand of them are enough to infect a human organism. Some 23 thousand spores were found in a plastic bag, in which the unopened mail was stored – the mail was withdrawn by FBI from the offices in the Senate. A suspicious letter, addressed to Leahy, was found in one of the those 280 bags on November 16 of this year. The envelope looked like the one, received by the leader of the democratic majority Tom Daschle.

It should be reminded that four American citizens have already died since the beginning of the bacteriological attacks on the USA and 13 people more fell ill as a result of the infection. FBI’s attempts to detect those, who spread the letters have not been successful yet. America itself was earlier involved in the development of the biological war schedules and plans, aimed against the USSR in the first place. The USA simply could not imagine that one fine day this weapon would be used against it. Everything you do comes back to you.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Reuters photo: Trace amounts of anthrax have been found in the office mailrooms of two more U.S. senators, a congressional source said on November 20, 2001

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