Baikonur Establishes Single System For Remote, Preparation And Launch Control Of Spacecraft

On the Baikonur cosmodrome specialists from the Khrunichev State Space Scientific-Industrial Center have created a single system for remote control, preparation and launch control of spaceships. The Khrunichev center said on Thursday that their goal was to rule out additional carrying of the customer's equipment to the cosmodrome and make necessary the presence of representatives of the customer immediately on the launch site. The customer now gets an opportunity to work with his spacecraft and receive full and trustworthy information on the craft during the prelaunch and launch period. According to the Khrunichev center, the new remote control system was developed with the use of fiberoptic videos, communication and information. The system has stationary, guaranteed power supply. Specialists believe that the new system permits clearer planning of preparations and conduct of basic operations during launches, which makes the Baikonur cosmodrome more attractive for foreign commercial customers.

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