Child schooled with fly poison

30-year-old citizen of Kuzovatov district of Ulyanovsk region, Vladimir Surkov, earlier convicted of stealing, has been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for the torture and murder of an 18-month-old girl.

Vladimir Surkov lived together with his concubine and her small children in Verkhne-Sviyazhskoye settlement. He had no job, though he found money for drinking. Once, the mother of two children went to the regional center to draw up children grants. When she returned home, her drunk boyfriend met her in the doorway saying that her youngest daughter had fallen from her bed and died.

The public prosecutor’s office carried out an investigation connected with the girl’s death. The examination showed that the death was a result of a head injury caused by two blows. However, by examining the girl’s body, numerous bruises and grazes were found. This fact was suspicious.

During the search, a fly poison was found in the house with micropieces of skin and a rag with blood spots. Taking into account the fact that at the moment of death Surkov was the only adult presenting home, he was detained in spite of his pleading not guilty. Though during the investigation, he acknowledged his guilt. Later, it was discovered that, sober, Surkov was trying to teach the girl to walk. For these aims, he used the fly poison, as a result, grazes appeared on the girl’s hand and leg.

Surkov wiped the blood with the rag. Then he put the girl on her bed and stroked her twice at the head, afterwards the girl died. Seeing that the girl gives no sign of life, Surkov understood she had died and went to the people next door to ask for a spade. He explained them the girl had died after falling from her bed, so she should be buried immediately. The neighbours said it could be done in this way. According to the press service of the regional public prosecutor’s office, the cruel treatment of children not rare in the region, Simbirski Kuryer reports. In the Lenin district of the region, three cases of the kind were registered this year, while actions were brought by the public prosecutor’s office only after special medical examinations. For example, 12-year-old Nikolai had many body injuries, while his mother explained he had just fallen. Though later, it became clear that the child’s father had injured him, who was jobless, drank regularly, and beat his wife (they were separated, but they lived together) and his children. As a result, the cruel father was sentenced to almost two-year in prison.

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