Again, a man “similar to Skuratov”

Today, it became known that on November 28, People’s Khural of Buryatia would consider the question about lawfulness of appointing ex-Public Prosecutor General of Russia, Yuri Skuratov representative to the Council of Federation. The reason of this decision was the protest of the Public Prosecutor General’s Office, where it was stressed that while discussing the question of the senator’s appointment, the republic’s parliament violated regulations of the federal law about forming Council of Federation. Let us remember order of events. People’s Khural of Buryatia decided that in Russian Council of Federation Buryatia would be represented by ex-Public Prosecutor General of Russia, Yuri Skuratov. At the Khural’s session in Ulan-Ude, the deputies were choosing between Yuri Skuratov proposed by a group of deputies and the 41-year-old Parliament Committee of Social Policy’s chairman, Sergei Mezenin, whose candidacy had been proposed by the Khural’s chairman Mikhail Semyonov. The election was complicated. 39 deputies voted for Yuri Skuratov, while Sergei Mezenin got only 12 votes. The former Public Prosecutor General lost his chair after so-called “bath case” connected with a person “similar to Skuratov.” (In 1999, a video record appeared with somebody very similar to Skuratov, diverting himself in a bath with two prostitutes. Skuratov has still not admitted that namely he was this person). Later, in 2000 Skuratov took part in the president election, after which he simply disappeared from mass media sight. He appeared again at the time of scandal with Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Byelorussia Pavel Borodin’s arrest in the US. At that time, he appeared as a Nostradamus, who said that even long before these events he had had serious proofs of Borodin’s guilt. However, nobody set this affair going, because most of threads leaded to the very top. And now, Skuratov again appeared at the political stage, and not as an ordinary deputy, but as a senator. After getting vote of censure from Buryat deputies, Skuratov promised to do his best for bettering relations between this subject of federation and the country’s authorities. Deputy director of Political Technologies Centre, Boris Makarenko supposes it is complicated to cancel the ex-Public Prosecutor General’s election. “Though, another thing surprised me in this story: usually, regions consult with the centre while electing candidates to the Council of Federation. Because they elect lobbyists in the federal structures. But it will obviously complicated for Skuratov to execute his lobbyist function in the federal bodies,” - Makarenko supposes. For the time being, the President Administration keeps silence, though Skuratov states, the Kremlin will do its best not to let pass his candidacy.”

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