Yury Razgulayev: Events in Afghanistan activated extremists in the republic of Kyrgyzstan

Spokesmen for the special services of the republic of Kyrgyzstan held a discussion with journalists in the capital of Bishkek, devoted to the religious issues, in particular, to Islamic extremism. It was said during the discussion that the illegal party Hizbut-Takhrir was getting prepared for an action of protest in the republic against the USA’s action in Afghanistan. This is another example to prove that the extremist organization, which uses Islam as a cover up, is not that harmful, like some of the local politicians believe.

They started talking about Hizbut-Takhrir just three years ago. But this was enough time for the party to get over 1000 citizens of the republic involved. The special services of the republic have detected six groups of the extremist party during this year. After a careful examination it became known that the people, involved in the groups, were far from being stupid. They are presumably rich, stable people; there are even state officials among them. This party is even secretly represented in the parliament.

As specialists believe, the centre of Hizbut-Takhrir is those, who graduated from the spiritual schools of the Middle East mostly. Now the authorities acknowledge, it was a serious mistake to give an incentive to those studies. Even now, there are some 600-700 citizens of the republic, who study Islam abroad. And it is hard to guarantee they are studying only religion there.

The majority of the population is rather cautious towards Hizbut-Takhrir, especially, when it became known that its members were waging war together with other gunmen, even with the Talibs. In connection with that, the spiritual society of the republic decided to clarify the real goals of the party to the people. Anyway, there were occasions, when the party members made up their minds to quit after they realized what they were actually taught to.

Yury Razgulayev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

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