Sergei Borisov: World Trade Center to be reestablished

Larry Silverstein is at the head of the consortium that leased the WTC buildings several weeks before the New York tragedy. Formally, the buildings belong to New York and of New Jersey Harbour Consulting. The leasing costs 3.2 billion dollars. According to Silverstein, the consortium intends to rebuild the WTC buildings. However, for the time being, it is not known how this new WTC will look. It is only clear that it will not be as high as the 110-storey twins. Silverstein believes that 50 storeys will be enough. He cannot yet say how many buildings will be built, two or more. The complex of new buildings will also include a memorial to the victems of the tragedy. However, Silverstein has no doubt that new buildings will appear on the spot of the terrorist act. Most Americans believe that any other decision would signify surrender to the terrorists.

Meanwhile, La Stampa spread information that an Italian firm producing illumination received an order from New York: to create a virtual monument on the spot completely consisting of lights. Eighty-eight lamps repeating the shapes of the well-known twin towers at a height of 6 km. The president of the Space Cannon company, Bruno Baiardi, said that the firm is working day and night to perform the order. According to him, New York authorities want to establish the light monument before Christmas. It will probably be later turned into a permanent monument. Space Cannon is famous for its lighting of Mecca and Niagara.

It is not known whether or not Baiardi met with Larry Silverstein. The consortium has other plans: it intends to create a monument but in complex with other buildings. Apropos, the consortium has hopes for a 7.2-billion insurance claim that it should receive for the ruined buildings. However, the whole sum could be received only if it is proved the attacks were two separate terrorists acts. The British firm “SR International Business Insurance” must pay 22 percent of the insurance claim but insists that the towers were ruined as a result of one terrorist act. While the consortium’s leaders avoid legal nuances and decide what to build to replace the ruined buildings, they themselves have pay several million of rent to Harbour Consulting.

According to the lastest information, the number of victims of the September tragedy is 3,899 people. The largest figure that was given just after the tragedy was 6,789 people. Fortunately, it diminished after policemen and medical workers checked all the lists. As it became clear, many of people from the lists were somewhere else at the moment of the terrorist act. Some names were put on the list twice or even three times with different spelling. The terrorist acts were committed in the early morning, when many people were on the way to the office, which reduced the number of victims. New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani does not exclude that this list can become even shorter, because the police is still checking up the data.

Sergei Borisov


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