Yegor Stroyev Suggests Drafting International Anti-terrorist Charter

Federation Council Speaker Yegor Stroyev suggested drafting an international anti-terrorist charter. Stroyev was addressing a session of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly here today. (The Federation Council is the Russian Parliament's upper house -- Ed.) Stroyev, who also heads the aforementioned CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, believes that such a charter should make it incumbent on all signatory states to extradite all terrorists staying on their territory and to freeze their financial assets, too. Only those specific countries that won't sign this charter can be considered rogue states, Stroyev went on to say. International law has quite a few blank spots in the field of fighting terrorism, Stroyev stressed. In his opinion, the proposed anti-terrorist charter would make it possible to eliminate such discrepancies. Air strikes against terrorist bases alone are not enough to solve this problem. We've got to elaborate specific political anti-terrorist mechanisms, activating such machinery all the same, Stroyev noted in conclusion.

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