Chechen test for Russia

Today, in Strasbourg, a two-day seminar is opening devoted to the human rights situation in Chechnya. During the seminar, representatives of the Public Prosecutor General’s Office and Supreme Court of Russia will take part. Vladislav Kalamanov, the Russian president’s special representative, will present a report about the observance of human rights in Chechnya.

Among other subjects, questions connected with the violation of human rights by Chechen militants will be considered as well as questions connected with the Chechen population’s suffrage, i.e., with the Chechen society’s participation in the restoration of law and order in the republic as well as with work of local authorities.

The fact is very symptomatic that Chechen militants’ crimes are being discussed in Strasbourg for the first time. Earlier, this question was not even taken into account by European parliamentarians. Now, the situation is different.

In Moscow, a meeting between presidential plenipotentiary Kazantsev and Chechen representative Akhmed Zakaev took place; in this way, Moscow demostrates its interest in peacefully settling the Chechen conflict. The fact is that after the September 11 terrorist acts, the monopolar world with US domination has changed. Now, the overestimation of views over some events takes place; this was reflected in a more softened position of European parliamentarians on Russia. Russia successfully implicated its fight against Chechen terrorists in northern Caucasus as a link of a common chain of the international fight against terrorism.

The civil forum that was carried out in Moscow also should be touched upon. Among questions discussed, there were issues concerning Chechnya: the refugee situation and torture in detainment camps. Apropos, Russia ready to openly discuss such unpleasant issues. This is also a plus for Russia. The trial of Salaman Raduev and his accomplices also cannot be neglected. This broadly advertised action should also nr positive to Russia’s reputation. In addition, measures for organizing peaceful life in Chechnya should also be positive: building houses, schools, hospitals, and so on. Therefore, we have spoken enough about politics; let us speak about something else.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

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