Omsk submarine officer committed suicide

An incident happened at the Pacific Fleet. A commander of one of the units of the nuclear submarine the Omsk shot himself in the head. The 33-year-old Lieutenant-Captain left his watch post, headed to his cabin, and committed suicide. The officer's body was found about 15 minutes later.

Investigators from military prosecuting bodies are currently working on the details of the incident. All the people who could have some connection with that officer have already been interrogated: relatives, colleagues, ect. For the time being, the investigation has a version that the officer committed suicide for a common reason, and this explanation of the incident is gaining more and more evidence. The law-enforcement officers said that the captain had wrote a note before he shot himself. In this note, he bid farewell to his wife and relatives and asked them to forgive him. There is the opinion that the officer could have had some personal problems that made him do such a horrid thing. Other versions are not ruled out either.

This man’s name has not yet been release, but it is known that he came to the Pacific Fleet to serve for a fixed period. Then, he became a warrant officer and has recently been given the lieutenancy.

The nuclear submarine the Omsk is 949 A sub, similar to the Kursk submarine that sank in the Barents Sea.

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