Women more inclined to any addiction

Recent scientific research shows that estrogen could cause processes in the cerebral cortex that cause the appearance of harmful habits

Most people are of the view that it is much more difficult for women to quit harmful habits than for men, because it is easier for women to become alcohol or drug addicts. This circumstance causes numerous discussions, though there still has not been any proor for or against it.

finally, at Michigan University, research has been carried out by a group headed by Jil Backer that probably can explain the true reasons for these addictions. For the experiments, rats were used, in whose organisms drugs in different dozes were injected. It turned out that 20 to 50 percent of the females got used to drug much sooner than the males. While, at first, this was connected with excitement caused by the preparation’s influence, in the final analysis, the speed of adaptation to any drug depends on estrogen, which also intensifies long-run changes in cerebral cortex. Therefore, regarding drugs, women really are more inclined to addiction

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