Alexandr Gorobets: One more big political scandal in Ukraine. Major number two appeared

Ukraine seems to have faced one more big political scandal, while central figures of it are former prime-minister of Ukraine Viktor Yuschenko, former first vice-speaker of the parliament Viktor Medvedchuk and Kiev mayor Alexandr Omelchenko. Not long ago, December 13 of last year, Ukrainian Supreme Rada with 234 votes replaces Viktor Medvedchuk from the post of the first vice-speaker, who was chacaterized by the press as one of the most possible Leonid Kuchma’s successor. This happened so suddenly, that even Medvedchuk himself was surprised. This is said to be a sensation even for the head of the state. And now a question appears: who are Viktor Medvedchuk’s main enemies? There are two: the first is Kiev mayor Alexandr Omelchenko, the second is ex-premier Viktor Yuschenko. It should be noticed, that Medvedchuk’s closest friend and business partner is oligarch Grigori Surkis, owner of Dinamo Kiev football club. They have business relations and belong to the same party – Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine (United). Both of oligarchs are people’s deputies. About two and a half years ago, in Kiev mayor election took place. Grigori Surkis was one of the pretenders to this post, while Alexandr Omelchenko won a victory. Since that time, there is a fight between the Kiev mayor on one hand and Surkis and Medvedchuk on the other hand. Though the fight between Medvedchuk and Yuschenko is more serious. A year ago, the parliament’s first vice-speaker, while being Leonid Kuchma’s right hand, used the “cassette scandal” in the fight against his main opponent. He managed to convince the state’s head that records made by major Melnichenko in the president’s office were made with assistance of Western special services. And who is connected with the West in Ukraine? Of course, Viktor Yuschenko, Washington’s protege. Kuchma approved of the parliament’s decision about vote of no-confidence to the prime-minister and his cabinet, while the first vice-speaker should personally execute the whole thing. The fight was continuing for a month. In spring of 2001, Viktor overcame Viktor, so Yuschenko turned out to be out of business. One of these days, in Kiev a new political movement appeared called “For Honesty in Politics.” On January 9, the movement accused the leader of Our Ukraine block, Viktor Yuschenko of collusion with Kiev major, Unity party’s leader Alexandr Omelchenko to replace Viktor Medvedchuk from the post of first vice-speaker. According to site of the movement, it possesses the most serious materials indicating Ukrainian politicians’ dishonesty. This is a record of a telephone conversation between Yuschenko and Omelchenko of December 13, 2001. As it could be concluded from the conversation, at that day Viktor Yuschenko left Kiev for Vinnitsa. On the way, he was called on his mobile telephone by Kiev mayor Alexandr Omelchenko. Namely Alexandr Omelchenko, who is not a people’s deputy at all, initiated the whole anti-Yuschenko campaign. In the conversation, he accused the ex-premier of treason. It seems to have been agreed between them how many votes against Viktor Medvedchuk everybody of them must organize. Though Yuschenko seems to have escaped from Kiev at the most decisive moment. Further, we present the text of the conversation.

Omelchenko: How could you leave Kiev at such a day, when Medvedchuk’s candidacy is being voted, and you have said nothing to them… They know nothing: neither Udovenko, nor Kostenko… How could you behave in such way? Yuschenko: They vote, they vote. O. I ask you, how could you behave in such way? I have been working with… with Plusch for already four hours. So, how could you do such things? Why did you not gather people with you? Y. They vote. O. Do they vote? Y. Why should I gather them? I have all the signatures. O. Do you know that Korol did not hand over… Y. Korol will hand over in 15 minutes. O. Viktor, I congratulate you on your name day, on the Day of Andrew the First Called, your holy father. Y. Thank you. O. And I ask you, if Korol does not bring wet lists in 15-20 minutes… Y. Alexandr… O. Return, please… Y. No questions… O. Do not go to Vinnitsa, return, please, come back to Kiev! Y. Alexandr, so now… I talk this morning with Poroshenko. There are no questions there!.. O. I ask you, return to Kiev! Or in 15 minutes Poroshenko and Korol will come to me. And he will take wet lists! Y. OK, OK… In 15 or even in 10 minutes I will call you. O. I ask you! Or please, return to Kiev! Y. OK. O. Do you understand me? The fate of Ukraine is being concluded. Please, come back to Kiev!!! 060 061 070

О. Good afternoon! Y. Alexandr… O. Yes… Y. Good health to you. Did Solidarity bring the lists? O. No, it did not. Korol said that only Matvienko… Hello… Y. Yes… O. … And Bondarenko, that the lists are locked by Poroshenko. Say him, he must break the safe. Do you understand? Moroz did not hand over 20 votes, neither did Poroshenko. It makes 40. Viktor, what have you done? Y. Alexandr… O. Viktor, what have you done? I asked you to return!!! Y. Alexandr… I am in Vinnitsa… O. I asked you to drive back, Viktor! Y. Alexandr… I am in Vinnitsa. It is about two and a half hours of driving. O. So. And is Poroshenko together with you? Y. I am saying, it is two and a half hours. If you insist, he will come back. But it is two and a half hours! The voting will end by this time… O. Why did he not give a command to Korol? Why cannot he now give a command to the secretariat to open the safe and to bring the lists to Korol, to the hall? And you… Why did you betrayed me? Y. Alexandr…

Comments seem to be unnecessary here. Maybe, except one. I suppose For Honesty in Politics movement is one of Viktor Medvedchuk’s sub-units…

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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