Dmitry Litvinovich: The jail for the Taliban gunmen is in Cuba

Cuba’s discontent about America’s plans to bring captive Talibs over to the army base that is located in Guantanamo, Cuba is growing. The citizens of the island of freedom do not like such neighbors, and they claim that the Americans are posing a threat to their security.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais wrote that the first planes would head for Cuba in the nearest future, taking about 300 al-Qaeda and Taliban gunmen there. The Pentagon estimated that the operation as extremely dangerous, taking account of the fact that the duration of the flight was 15 hours. As Washington believes, the captives may arrange a riot during the flight, which will lead to unpredictable consequences. That is why the Pentagon is intended to take the maximum security measures.

These measures provide for the division of the captives into small groups with 15-20 gunmen in each. They all will wear handcuffs during the entire time of the flight. The Pentagon also plans to drug the gunmen with the help of injections. The soldiers the US Air Force will guard the prisoners; the soldiers have been specially prepared for the mission. The US Army base in Guantanamo is ready to accept two thousand of the prisoners, although the number of the captive terrorists totals 500.

The gunmen are going to be kept in an unconventional jail, which is still being built. Three hundred American soldiers have already arrived at the army base to guard the prisoners. As it is expected, there will be more soldiers sent there for this purpose, up to 1.5 thousand.

These security measures are not enough for the local citizens. “It is possible to keep the captive Taliban and al-Qaeda gunmen anywhere, but not in Guantanamo. The Taliban can not cause any harm there though, but the decision to settle them there is a continuation of American aggression against Cuba. The Americans are in Cuba illegally, and now they are bringing whoever they want,” – one citizen said.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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