The Americans still suffer losses in their military campaign. Another plane crashed in Pakistan

The story with the American KC-130 military plane, which has recently crashed in Pakistan, is gaining more and more details. NBC was the first company that reported on the tragedy. With reference to the American Defense Department, the company reported that the tanker plane of the US Marine Corps was flying from Jacobabad to Afghanistan and crashed in the southwest of the Pakistani city of Quetta while approaching the American airbase. There were seven people aboard the plane, US Marines; it was not possible to save them. There is no reason to believe the plane was downed.

The Pakistani newspaper News wrote with reference to witnesses that there were ten, not seven, American Marines killed in the crash, and eight more were wounded. Moreover, the inhabitants of the local villages heard a loud explosion before the crash. The incident happened when the plane was landing on Shamsi airbase, which is located 460 kilometers far from the administrative center of the Belujistan province. Fifteen pursuit planes and six helicopters on the airbase were reportedly damaged.

There are not enough grounds to say it was an act of terrorism that caused the crash. There is one surprising fact – it is the third (!) such incident with the US Air Force since the beginning of the military operation in Afghanistan on the territory of the Pakistani province of Belujistan. Moreover, if there were six crew members onboard the KC-130, then how did the rest of the passengers appear there? Cordons of the Pakistani troops were put around the site of the tragedy, which was not incidental, to all appearance.

The American command does not want to officially acknowledge losses, considering such incidents as accidents caused by the technical problems.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the families of the soldiers who died in the crash. But I would like to remind that our campaign in Afghanistan has a noble goal, and this goal is freedom.” – George Bush said in his statement, trying to find an excuse for the deaths of his soldiers in another country in order not to let the American military spirit fall. The Islamic fanatics in Afghanistan and Pakistan keep saying that the unfriendly Asian territory will soon become a huge burial ground for the Western peacemakers, which is what happened in Vietnam.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

CNN photo: A Marine Corps KC-130 Hercules

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