The new anti-terrorist coalition can be set up in Africa

The world may soon have another anti-terrorist coalition. This time in Africa. The idea was put forward at the session of the inter-governmental committee for the development – IGAD in Sudan. The ministers from Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti are unanimous: it is necessary to conduct the joint struggle with terrorism. The Foreign Minister of Sudan, Osman Ismaila said that the IGAD group of seven “made a historic step” – the African countries had never ever considered the prospects for the anti-terrorist activities. The leaders of the seven countries are going to consider that offer and there will possible be a certain decision made in connection with that.

The Western media outlets, like BBC and others, ironically commented on that news, since Sudan is listed among the countries, funding terrorism. Somalia is actually another USA’s direct target to hit, so such an anti-terrorist coalition is very interesting, if it is going to struggle against terrorism.

In one of the interviews to the Washington Times, Colin Powell charged Somalia of giving a shelter to Bin Laden. He stressed out, the American military operation may start in Somalia, in case the campaign is successful in Afghanistan. America believes that the group the Islamic Unity that is actively working in Somalia, is closely connected with al-Qaeda and Bin Laden. It is not also ruled out that the American peacemaking forces will show up soon in the African countries, bordering on Somalia. Somalia’s temporal president denies there are terrorists on the territory of his country, but these are only words. The future mass bombing, or occupation of the doubtful African territories is getting more and more real. The representatives of the African countries are trying to cling to the idea of the anti-terrorist as to their last hope - to show the USA and the rest of the world their non-participation to the terrorist forces.

By the way, the American militaries are performing the airborne prospecting activity over Somalia’s territory, trying to search for the terrorists’ bases, but they have not found anything yet.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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