Moscow Hopes U.s. Revises Its Decision Dubbing Russia Unreliable

Moscow hopes that in the context of the policy towards new strategic relations, proclaimed by the presidents of Russia and the United States, the American administration will very soon revise the decision on putting Russia into the category of "not the most trustworthy" countries from the viewpoint of spread of weapons of mass destruction. This was reported on Friday by the press and information board of the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the decision of the American administration in the field of control of fast computer exports. As is known, a regular "liberalisation" of the export of fast computers from the United States was announced in Washington the other day. "However, the overtly discriminatory system, still preserving immutable since the times of the 'cold war', of dividing potential countries-importers of American computers into different 'risk' categories from the point of view of spread of mass destruction weapons and their means of delivery is noteworthy". Moscow regards as "discriminatory" the American decision on putting Russia into the last but one, third, category of countries "unreliable", as the United States sees it, from the viewpoint of spread of weapons of mass destruction and hopes for "the earliest revision" of this decision.

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