Sergei Borisov: US “Palestinians” speak Spanish

Radical public movements in the US dream about returning the American southwestern states to Mexico. With the massive inflow of immigrants, “poverty” is being imported to the United States. The growing community of Spanish-speaking US citizen is more loyal to Mexico than to the US itself. President of Citizens’ Voices Together organization, Glenn Spencer from California, said in an interview to US website WND that if this tendency is not stopped in the next two years, it will be irreversible and would cause the USA’s destruction.

Professor Armando Navarro from California University in Riverside believes that if the present demography and social tendencies continue, the separation of some American states is inevitable. “If within 50 years our nation lives in poverty, such movements most likely will appear that we see now in the world, in Yugoslavia and Chechnya,” - Navarro said. – “The United States is also not guaranteed to be protected from it. Time and history change.”

Today’s demographic trends in the US are leading to the peaceful hand-over of power to Mexicans in the southern states. Some researches believe that in the next 20-30 years, Latinos will become the majority in California. Therefore, the idea of self-determination will be more than real. The dream of Aztlan, the mythical motherland of Aztecs, could become reality. Today’s Hispanic extremists refer to Aztlan as California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, some parts of Colorado, and Texas. All of these lands are to be included in the so-called Republica del Norte, the Northern Republic. The northern states of Mexico are also to be included in it.

Finally, the new republic will be united with Mexico. There will be a larger Mexico and a smaller America. The Voice of Aztlan organization calls Mexicans the “American Palestinians.” Both Palestinians and Mexicans were forced out by conquerors who used armed force to occupy territories. Many Mexicans hope for a return of the lands that they lost during Mexican-American war of 1848. According to Glenn Spencer, the US government allows one million illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States each year. These Mexicans do not want to melt in American boiler, they want to create a politically active community together with legal immigrants. Polls carried out in the US show that many Americans would like to reduce the number of immigrants. However, they avoid speaking about it aloud, for they are afraid of being called “racists.” The most reasonable anti-immigrant groups suggest to distinguish between the protest against immigrants and against immigration. They believe that America must return to its former policy of assimilation: to teach the newcomers the language and to integrate them into US society. Then, their communities will not have such a large influence. Though, this hardly could help in driving new immigrants in the “melting pot.” It is easier for candidates for US president to study Spanish than to propose an alternative to the today’s trend of separation.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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