Americans are busy with themselves in the Kyrgyzstan republic

The American presence in the republic of Kyrgyzstan is getting more and more noticeable. The officers and soldiers of the US army appeared in the streets of Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek, sometimes you can see them in cafes and restaurants. Needless to mention that the rich clients are so good for the owners of those coffee shops. Before the Americans came there, the republic was expecting the inflow of investments in it, the rise of the economic activity of the region. For the time being, these hopes are only hopes.

The Americans do pay thousands of dollars for each take off of their aircraft from the airport of Manas. But this money is not transferred to the treasury, but to the pockets of those, who own the airport. Manas was quickly privatized short before the American soldiers arrived, although the guests added several hundreds of new jobs. The local people work there on the construction of tent camps, repair the runways.

It seems strange but the opposition was even more hopeful about the arrival of the Americans. The opposition believed that the representatives of the most democratic, as they thought, country in Kyrgyzstan would improve the situation with the protection of human rights, freedom of speech, and so on. However, the Americans are not very concerned about those problems currently. Furthermore, there is an opinion that the Americans will not care a bit about the persecution of journalists or deputies in return to the hospitality.

The Americans assert publicly that they value and treasure the stability, peace in the country, where they are planning to set up their army bases. So we may assume that they do not really care about the means to achieve their objective. One of the deputies of Kyrgyzstan's parliament said that they should build the democracy in the republic with their own hands, not hoping for any kind of help.

Yury Razgulayev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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