Rugova to be elected for the fourth time. Anarchy rules in Kosovo

The situation in the Serb province Kosovo, which is under UN protectorate, has become very dramatic. This is the way it was characterized by spokesman for UN Civil Mission Susan Manual. At the same time, the UN mission’s head in the province, Hans Haekkerup, has sent in his resignation, as reported, for domestic reasons. Radical Albanians do not listen to the advice of Western representatives to support “moderate Rugova,” who is practically a US and NATO puppet, and continue to carry out their own line. Already, the third attempt of the Kosova parliament failed to elect a president of the province. Only 51 deputies (of 120) voted for the only pretender, Ibragim Rugova. This time, 10 voices failed to reach a sufficient parliamentary majority. However, all the same, it is clear that the candidacy of the Democratic Union of Kosovo’s leader would not succeed. The Albanian party of odious Hashim Tachi, ex-leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and the Serb coalition Return refused to participate in the voting. Tachi has his own ambitions, while Serbs cannot agree with Rugova’s promise to build an independent republic. Now, a new election will be carried out. The deputies will vote until they are tired of it.

UN and NATO representatives expect “political ripeness” from Kosovo political figures and that they finally find consensus. However, it is obvious that there is no hint of the newly elected Skupschina’s effectiveness. Albanians are simply at another step of development. There can be no forward movement, taking into account the fact that all Albanian parties are aimed at Kosovo’s withdrawal from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, in other words, at the disintegration of the state. (Before November 17, this was called by the West “pre-election promises," as if for attracting more Albanians to the ballot boxes). Social, political, economical, and other issues are neglected by the “elected representatives of the people,” because money and personal ambitions reign over their minds. Anarchy is ruling in Kosovo.

As for the Western “mediators,” it could be supposed that this variant of evolution was forecasted by them.

The United States and its main allies from NATO most likely would prefer to see an “extremist Republic of Kosovo” than to give an opportunity to Serbs to return their influence upon the “Serb spiritual heart” and to strengthen this state that is traditionally friendly towards Russia. For them, it would be easier to establish contacts with Albanians. Now, the West seems only to wash its hands of it, making its demonstrative steps.

Apropos, KFOR commander General Marcel Valentin said on Saturday that he did not exclude the declaration of independence of the province. Did he see things clearly?

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

In the photo: Kosovo. Remains of St.Trinity church (built in 1992) destroyed by Albanian extremists near Pec Translated by Vera Solovieva

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