Sergei Borisov: Nazis wanted to change Christianity to their religion

While working out plans of establishing their world predominance, German fascists paid much attention to Christianity. Religion fell beyond their plans, so they could not neglect this question. Who knows what shapes Christianity could have taken if fascism had won a victory. Several days ago, a report became available prepared by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Research and Analysis Branch for the Nuremberg Tribunal. The document that has nowhere nowhere before, was published by Law and Religion site by law students of Rutgers State University of New Jersey. First, the 120-page report of William Donovan “The Nazi Master Plan: Persecution of the Christian Churches” was published, narrating how Hitlerites tried to convert believers to their new “religion.”

Instructions for Nazis who must assault “spirit fortresses” are very eloquent. Hitlerites were recommended to capture churches from inside while using the ones who sympathizes with the party. They also were to discredit, detain, and kill Christian leaders and to convert believers to the new religion: German Third Reich. Fascist leaders seemed to have been envious of the influence the Christian Church had upon people. The task they set before themselves was to take Christianity and to change it to a new “religion” based on the idea of the superiority of only one race. In the report, it is stressed that the work at spreading the new religion had a thought-out and systematic character. Therefore, the campaign aimed at the suppression of religious youth organizations was carefully planned and started throughout the Reich on the same day. It was supported by newspapers and Nazi public speakers travelling through the country.

The Law and Religion site intends to post new documents prepared for the Nuremberg Tribunal every six months. The postings will be added with scholarly commentary.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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