Sergey Kirienko accused of establishing crime group

The necessity of struggle with corruption is oftener spoken about in Russia now. And what is more important, even on the governmental level. Duma deputy, chairman of the state commission for chemical disarmament Sergey Kirienko has become the key figure of the discussion. The member of the Union of Right-wing Forces is accused of establishment of a criminal group. The claims have been presented at the Duma’s session yesterday by deputies Vyacheslav Olenyev, deputy chairman of the Duma’s Ecology Committee and a member of the Agrarian Group, and Sergey Shashurin, a member of the People’s Deputy group. The deputies have substantiated their accusations on the materials of the Institute for public opinion research attached to the Russian Academy of Sciences, concerning Sergey Kirienko’s activity.

The Duma supported the deputies’ initiative to submit the materials for an inquiry to the General Office of the Public Prosecutor. The parliamentarians also decided to organize their own investigation of the facts presented by the Institute about Kirienko’s activity. The Duma’s Committees for security and corruption control are to be responsible for the investigation.

It is reported, the materials submitted by the Institute for public opinion research testify to Kirienko’s connection with establishment “of a strong criminal group in the Volga federal district. The group’s activity affects interests of the state security and causes losses to the economic sphere not only of the region, but Russia on the whole.”

At the same time, Sergey Kirienko is in Canada now. Regions.Ru informs, the main goal of the visit is to settle the problems connected with extermination and reclaiming of chemical weapons. The day before, Sergey Kirienko discussed implementation of the program “Extermination of the chemical weapon stocks in the Russian Federation” with Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Cretien.

Canada told about the readiness to increase financing to Russia within the program’s network. Although now, regarding the recent events, Canada has got a right to change the opinion.

As for the charges against Sergey Kirienko, the investigation will have to examine the case closely. It is to be mentioned as well, in the mid 90-s Sergey Kirienko, being a bank president, completed a Scientology course; moreover, he obliged the whole bank staff to attend the courses. Thomas Gandov, a German expert for totalitarian sects says: “Scientology strives for the world domination. Kirienko may pose a threat to the security.”

It is well-known, participants of the Scientology courses are subject to a so-called “Scientologic brain cleansing”, when the human psyche and mentality are drastically affected. At that, even if people give up Scientology, the negative consequences of the studies will show up. Russian intelligence services and the General Office of the Public Prosecutor warn against the negative influence of Scientology nowadays. This seems to be quite sufficient food for reflection.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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