Portugal: Shocking example of Moldavian Mafias

The Borman case in the Portuguese courts is the tip of the iceberg. Never has there been such a case of callous disregard for the life of fellow citizens abroad. Portuguese emigrants abroad could always call on a compatriot for a meal or a chat, orientation and plain human decency, information given in good will as to how to get a job, find a flat, eat a cheap meal. For years the Portuguese lived in France, Germany, Luxemburg, England as immigrants, helping each other out. Being a country with a history of emigration, the Portuguese were the first to welcome the new immigrants from eastern Europe, providing the most liberal model of immigration policy. What followed was an influx of people, highly qualified but competing for menial jobs, paid at 650 USD per month, followed by a mafia from Moldavia and the Ukraine, mainly, which made the lives of the future immigrants a nightmare. Promising lucrative contracts in Portugal, these evil parasites would find out the addresses of the families of the travellers before they came. On the way, they were stripped of their money and upon arrival, of their passport. After this, the only path open was slavery. Failure to work or to obey was paid by physical violence or extortion. Never in the history of mankind has there been such an evil and repulsive trend in immigration. The Portuguese immigrants tried to help each other, through human values of kindness and genuine contact. The notion that a person can deceive, trick and exploit a compatriot abroad, where he is totally defenceless, is utterly astonishing for everyone in Western Europe. That Borman and his cronies should be in court in Portugal is a drop in the ocean regarding all the eastern European mafia groups operating in this country. These criminals are cowards, parasites and traitors. They destroyed the image of the eastern Europeans in the eyes of the west. One year ago, the Portuguese regarded the people from these countries as having superior education. Now, they are all classified in the same way Mafia men. Because of these actions against their fellow countrymen, these monsters have managed to change Portuguese legislation. No longer is anyone welcome here. Only those who present a contract, legally signed by a firm registered in Portugal, will have any chance of legalisation in Portugal. This will guarantee the rights of the workers because in this way they will be covered by the social security model of the country, including police protection. Borman has found out that the Portuguese police do not play when working. Other scum like himself will discover the same thing. Generally, those who exploit their own countrymen abroad are despised in western Europe. They are detested, regarded as sub-humans and are severely punished when caught.


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Author`s name Editorial Team