Andrey Lubensky: Ukrainian terrorist says he is Pinochet

As PRAVDA.Ru has reported before, an unknown criminal blew up a bomb, which was placed in Avion cafe, situated near the international airport in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. Then there were anonymous calls, warning about the bombs, hidden in the buildings of the airport and in a plane. On January 17 the security service of Ukraine instituted criminal proceedings on that fact, under Article 258 of the Russian criminal code – act of terrorism. Soon, there was the information, which said that the police came upon the tracks of the criminal. For the time being it is supposed that the terrorist was acting alone, but not because of a silly game he wanted to play with the police. Interfax-Ukraine news agency informed, with reference to the chief of Ukraine’s Internal Affairs headquarters, Viktor Zubchuk, that the malefactor, suspected of the organization of the explosion in the cafe near the international airport in Odessa and of the anonymous phone calls, was asking for one million hryvnas (the national currency of Ukraine). Other sources said, the criminal was asking for one million dollars.

As it turned out, the terrorist called to the chief of the airport before and advised about the up-coming blast in the cafe. The terrorist called back in four minutes and said he had sent an e-mail, in which he set out all his requirements. The bomb in the cafe blew up in two minutes.

In the e-mail the criminal referred to himself as Pinochet and he mentioned, he was the director of the international terrorist group Pinochet’s Junta. Viktor Zubchuk advised, the explosion in the cafe was performed with the help of the self-made explosive device, the pieces of which were found on the site of the incident. Zubchuk said they were attracting all kinds of specialists to the investigation of that crime: “We will solve this crime in the end.” Magnolia-TV.Com reported with reference to the prosecutor of the Odessa region that “the police had the grounds to detain the person, suspected of the explosion in the cafe.”

The police do not ignore other versions of the incident, which are not connected with an act of terror, for example, a revenge of one criminal group to another. Indeed, why not thinking that “Pinochet” came up just to muddle the police? There is also a version that a totally mentally balanced person blew up the bomb in the cafe. It is possible that the terrorist has a peculiar sense of humor. In any case, the representatives of the special services have not heard anything about Pinochet’s Junta terrorist group before. Well, it does not mean this group does not exist.

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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