Sergey Borisov: Bin Laden becomes fashionable

A new brand is likely to appear in the fashion world. Osama bin Laden’s brother plans to set-up a business based on the name of terrorist number one. It is going to be a fashionable business. Some critics say that it is like selling clothes with a Hitler logotype. The name of the terrorist’s brother is Esama Bin laden; what is interesting is that he spells the name unlike the Al Qaeda leader. Esama registered the new brand for fashionable clothes in Switzerland and the European Union long before the terrorist attacks in New York.

Rita Clifton, the head of the Interbrand consulting company in London, told reporters that a Hitler brand would also be very popular. However, it would be mauvais ton to wear Hitler shoes after everything he had done. The scandal about his name hardly makes bin laden feel uneasy. He plans to engage with an Italian partner for the designing and production of bin laden clothes. His lawyer in Switzerland says that the name that to be used for the new brand is the world’s most popular name now, and he hopes that the designer will not be mixed up with other members of the family.

The new brand will be first launched in the Mideast. The name of the brand will be written in Arabic when sold there. Then, the new clothes will be sold in Europe as well.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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