Vasily Bubnov: Back to Americans’ curiosity

On Saturday, January 19, PRAVDA.Ru reported on a scandal that arose when China’s special services discovered bugs in an exclusive Boeing-767 airliner made in the USA for China’s leader Jiang Zemin. News agencies report that Jiang Zemin was angry with the find. Nevertheless, George W.Bush does not plan any amendments to the schedule of his February visit to China.

There is no doubt that the conflict will be successfully settled. However, what is interesting in this case is that spy scandals between the two countries are rather frequent. We still remember the accident when an EP-3 American spy plane clashed with a Chinese fighter jet and had to land at one of the Chinese military bases on Hainan Island.

China’s special services discovered bugs in the Boeing in September’2001, but information about it appeared only on the eve of Bush’s visit to China. It is interesting what effect the information will have on the coming visit. Trust and partnership are hardly to be expected between the USA and China, because spy scandals spoil relationships, the political relationship first of all. China has its own opinion on every significant problem that arises in the world and defends its position firmly.

Beijing will surely comment upon the Taiwan government’s resignation. Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian (the slogan of his presidency was declaration of Taiwan’s independence) says that the resignation was caused by the fact that the former Cabinet has completed its tasks, and new specialists are necessary in the current situation of political stability and economy’s recovery. Observers say that by doing so, Chen Shui-bian aims at strengthening of his position on the eve of presidential elections in 2004. China is dissatisfied with the strategy, as it expects China and Taiwan to soon reunite. The problem is to be discussed during Bush’s visit to China, but it will be difficult for the parties to come to an understanding. Especially, in the light of the latest spy scandal. There is no doubt that China and the USA will try to protect bipartite economic relations. The importance of the relations is crucial for both countries: none of the spy scandals affected an increase of the Chinese-American trade. And no changes are likely to happen in this sphere in the nearest future.

The CIA is not up to the mark in the situation once again. Is it not time for the US administration to pay attention to the problem? Perhaps its methods, regarding China first of all, are to be changed. In addition, China won a reputation of one of the world’s leading powers long ago. And no control can be imposed on China by bugged Boeings. Therefore, Americans should not be surprised if they discover that China installed bugs in the airliner designed for George Bush’s trips.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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