Dmitry Rogozin: PACE resolution on Chechnya is “rather satisfactory” for Russia

A resolution on the situation in Chechnya passed at the PACE session yesterday is rather satisfactory for Russia, head of the Russian delegation Dmitry Rogozin says. After the session Mr.Rogozin said, he voted against passing of the resolution, but he understood perfectly well, it was the maximum of what could be done yesterday.

At the same time, a scandal could not be avoided at the PACE session. Chairman of the Duma’s committee for international affairs Dmitry Rogozin told during his speech, that “Europe was not ready for comprehending Russia’s problems.” He also accused the Europeans of support to Chechen separatists and “double standards”. The Sept.11 events in the USA has not become a lesson for Europe. Some speakers at the session offered to resume a political dialogue with Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov; Rogozin said that contacts of the Chechen leader with bin Laden’s followers had been proved. Does it consequently mean that the speakers offer to resume the dialogue with the number one terrorist ?

The violent appearance of the head of the Russian delegation has probably affected the European parliament. In any case, most part of the amendments to the resolution submitted by Russia has been adopted by the PACE delegates. A progress in peaceful restoration in Chechnya has been pointed out. The Russian delegation admits, this time the PACE resolution is not so inimical to Russia as the previous ones. Rogozin says, this time “PACE has not yielded to an extortion of Russia’s permanent opponents in the Assembly.”

An appeal to Russia’s neighbors “for taking measures to prohibit activity of terrorist groups on their territories and make the terrorist leaders answerable” is one of the resolution’s key aspects.

As for Ahmed Zakayev, an official representative of Aslan Maskhadov in PACE, some sources say, he has already met with the Assembly’s Secretary General Bruno Aller. The main point of the talks has not been published yet. Today Zakayev plans to speak at a press conference.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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