Svetlana Tarasova: Sexual scandal in Britain: Teacher and her teenage students

The court hearings on the case of the Canadian teacher of biology, Amy Gehring, 26 years old, started yesterday. The girl will be called into the criminal account for having sexual relations with teenage students.

Three teenagers of 14 and 15 years old are testifying at court, together with their previous video testimony. Their relations with the teacher started, when they were 13 and 14 years of age respectively. The young teacher was apparently overwhelmed with passion, if she showed the intimate initiative herself. “This” was happening in different places: in parks, toilets, even at home of one of the students. Two brothers took part in that dirty sexual story, the guys thought their teacher did not have anyone else, that was what she was telling to her every teen lover.

Amy Gehring was working in Britain as a teacher on call – if a teacher of biology was absent a day or two in one of the schools. So she must have been with a lot of boys in different places.

The story leaked out in a very trivial way: the mother of one of the guys could not guess, why she could see her son with his teacher so often in the park at night. She made him tell her the truth about those delicate things.

One of the court prosecutors declared to the journalists: “This is a very dirty story, since Miss Gehring crossed the line of the relations a teacher must have with the students. This scandal will make the situation for working honest teachers even worse, against the background of the serious lack of teachers in the country.”

It goes without saying, Amy Gehring’s teaching career is over with in Great Britain and in the European Union. For the time being the former teacher has not said a word to the journalists. Maybe she got nothing to add?

Svetlana Tarasova PRAVDA.Ru London

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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