Sergey Stefanov: America will win, no matter what

America - the only super-power in the world – is arming. America pulled out from the ABM Treaty, it can bomb Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, other countries and get away with it. This is the realities of the present and of the future.

As it became known, American President George W. Bush would ask the Congress to considerably increase the military budget of the country on February 4 (at the session, devoted to the budget).

Bush has recently released a statement, in which he said that the draft budget 2003 stipulated for the increase of the army expenses by 48 billion dollars. The president said that America would win in the first war of the new century, no matter the costs and needs. So America’s first priority is the army.

The administration of the president will strive for the increase of the army spending - the largest increase over latest 20 years. In particular, America is in need of the cruise missiles, in which there is a lack now, like Bush said. Each of such missiles costs not less than a million dollars. BBC reported, that if the White House gets what it wants, then the budget of the Pentagon will raise up to $380 billion. A lion’s share of the funds is planned to be used for the creation of the military reserve – to cover up the unplanned costs, connected with the anti-terrorist war.

By the way, the campaign in Afghanistan costs about a billion dollars a month. Furthermore, Washington is intended to purchase the weapons of high precision (to purchase from whom?) and spend the money for the creation of the national ABM system, unmanned planes, night-vision devices, communication means and so on.

Will the Congress OK the budget, offered by the White House without any amendments to it? It seems like that at present moment. We would like to add here that the notion of the new world order was introduced by the father of the incumbent president of the USA.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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