Ivanov: Russia, the USA and Portugal must solve Angolan question

The Portuguese Colonial War began in Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and Angola in 1960. The Portuguese fought alone - “proudly alone” in the words of the dictator, Dr. Oliveira Salazar – against the rest of the world for fifteen years. Eventually, the twentieth century caught up with Portugal and the Revolution on 25th April, 1974, put an end to the fighting between the Portuguese Armed Forces and the freedom movements in the colonies.

The PAIGCV in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde ceased hostilities immediately, while in Mozambique, RENAMO and FRELIMO fought between themselves until the 1990s, when peace was achieved and the country could start to progress. In Angola, the fighting between MPLA and UNITA continues, although FNLA laid down arms shortly after independence.

The efforts of Russia, the USA and Portugal to get the two sides, MPLA led by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and UNITA by Dr. Jonas Savimbi, to cease hostilities resulted in the signing of Protocols in Lisbon and Lusaca, both of which were broken by one side or the other.

Igor Ivanov intends to stimulate the process of dialogue again, this time to achieve lasting peace which will enable this potentially immensely rich country to achieve its full potential. To this end, Igor Ivanov stated that the troika “must continue to play an active role in finding a peaceful solution”.


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