Women attracted by father’s smell

Suma Jacob, Martha McClintock, Bethanne Zelano and Carole Ober, investigators at the Institute of Thought and Biology at the department of Psychology of the University of Chicago, have published the results of a study in Nature Genetics, which states that women are not turned on by their partner’s good looks, wit, pleasantries, or big...wallet. What attracts them is a male whose smell is as similar as possible to that of their father.

The study in bio-diversity of humans concludes that there is an inherited genetic pattern which determines the selection of a partner by a woman, this being a smell which has na identical genetic combination to that of the woman’s father. It is claimed that women have an acute sense of smell, and that it is enough for a woman to smell an item of clothing to know whether or not the blue-eyed dandy smiling at her is Mr. Right.

And come to think of it, my wife’s father was a pig farmer.


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