Vasily Bubnov: Will Boris Berezovsky appear in court ?

So, Russia’s famous champion of democracy Boris Berezovsky is in the limelight once again. Director of the Federal Security Bureau (FSB) Nikolay Patrushev told the other day, the department got reliable evidences of Berezovsky’s connection with financing of the Chechen militants. FSB will start a search for Berezovsky.

Sic transit gloria mundi. The former uncrowned sovereign of the Russian politics, arbiter of the destines (as he himself considered to be) is accused of connection with the Chechen terrorists now. But Boris Berezovsky have escaped complicated situations several times already, every time without any damages at all, even with a dividend. Information about Berezovsky’s connection with the Chechen militants has caused no sensation. The Russian press already published it. Moreover, it was the fact that Berezovsky did not want to conceal at all. In 1999 he gave $1 million to Shamil Basayev, the leader of the Chechen militants, for restoration of the Chechen republic. He himself told about it in his interview to Le Figaro. I think, everybody understands, what “restoration” in a Chechen manner and under the guidance of Shamil Basayev means. Besides, the telephone talks of Boris Berezovsky with the leaders of the Chechen militants have been made public long ago. Why is the FSB director speaking about Berezovsky’s connection with financing of the terrorists only now ? It looks as if FSB has really got convincing evidences of the fact. Mr.Berezovsky plans to create a large-scale liberal opposition to President Putin. But under the current conditions he has got enough food for reflection.

In return to the FSB accusations, Boris Berezovsky told, he had convincing evidences of FSB’s connection with the explosions of the houses in the Russian cities of Moscow and Volgodonsk in autumn of 1999. He told about the evidences, but showed nothing. So, let us wait. But we can scarcely believe that he has actually got the documents.

In fact, only one thing is important in the story – will Boris Berezovsky appear before the court or not ? Will it become another PR action ? Berezovsky sounds rather unconvincing for the basic champion of democracy. FSB is to be wished luck. The Russian law enforcement authorities and Russia on the whole should not disregard Berezovsky’s dealings.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

In the photo: Boris Berezovsky

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