Arafat stakes on female kamikadze

News that comes from the Middle East is like an old disk that plays the same songs again and again. Another act of terrorism has been committed, Israel makes the leader of the Palestinian national administration responsible for the terror act. Yasser Arafat denies such accusations and promises to establish order in 24 hours if he is released. His words can be hardly believed. This would have lasted for a longer period, but the administration of Bush decided to interfere with the situation. Now the White House is considering different pressure measures to be exerted on Yasser Arafat. Some of the officials in Washington offer to break off any relations with Arafat, some sources say, Vice-president Dick Cheney is among them. Most observers think, this variant is impossible, as it may cause more disorder in the region.

The advisors for security in the administration of Bush held a meeting on Thursday. Possible alternative response actions, such as closure of the US representative office of the Palestine Liberation Front, suspension of the mission of US Envoy to the Middle East Anthony Zinni or outlawing of Palestine’s regular military groups were touched upon at the meeting.

Certainly, Israel will benefit from this position of Washington. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is to visit Washington and hold talks with US President George W.Bush. Toughening of Israel’s requirements to Arafat is more likely to be discussed during the meeting. Probably, the talks will concern the requirement to completely clear the Arafat-controlled territory off extremist groups, including the Fatah organization, that is so liked by the leader of the Palestinian national administration. If the requirements are fulfilled, Israel and the USA will give up Arafat.

At the same time, the bloodshed continues in the region. An explosion sounded near a cafe in the center of Tel-Aviv on Friday, 14 people died. On Sunday an explosion killed two people, one woman among them, in the center of Jerusalem on Sunday. The killed woman is suspected of organization of the explosion. Over hundred of people suffered in the explosion.

This was the first case over last fifty years, when a female kamikadze organized an explosion. It is a rather demonstrative case of the fact that violence entails violence. This has always been and will be in the future.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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