Homosexuals are coming to power in America!

Homosexuals are heading for the American government. The St.Petersburg news agency Russkaya Liniya (Russian Line) released this information, with reference to Washington ProFile (WPF) news service.

Homosexual leaders are exercising greater power in American political circles. Their share in the United States is 4% of the entire population. Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter is proud of being a lesbian. Gays and lesbians spent $2.5 million to support their candidates during the 2000 elections.

Homosexuals continue to claim that they feel that they are "outsiders" in modern society. The political society of the United States is paying more and more attention to the gay problem. Gays and lesbians get married in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and in other cities of the United States; there are reportedly over 600 gay families in the United States, and there are even the gay districts.

People are getting used to the new ideas of the new Western reality. Tastes differ, so to speak. WPF reported that 85% of American citizens (the youth basically) are certain that homosexuals should have the same rights as straight people do (the opinion poll was performed by Gallup).

As it turns out, representatives of the Democratic Party of America enjoy the biggest love on the part of homosexuals (and vice versa). For instance, Bill Clinton was promising back in 1992 that lesbians and gays would be allowed to serve in the army. For the time being, there are three sexual perverts sitting in the US Congress, and they do not hide their feelings. They are Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Barney Frank and the Republican Jim Kolb.

This is disgusting! It is America's decay and certain decline. To prove this, PRAVDA.Ru is now preparing an article by Rockford Institute professor Srdja Trifkovic, which will soon be published on our site.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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