American special services take part in warlord fueds in Afghanistan

There are interesting events happening in Afghanistan. The local tribal chieftains have now have the tradition of deciding all conflicts between themselves with the help of the American special services. Here is the latest example to prove it.

It became known today that American special forces destroyed an Afghan military unit on January 24 by mistake. This unit was under control of the Afghan government. The Americans believed that this unit was the remains of the Taliban army. The operation was carried out in the settlement of Oruzgan; the Americans destroyed an ammunition depot of government troops of Afghanistan and killed 21 people.

The Americans are saying opposite things, of course: who wants to look like a fool? They stated they had planned the operation thoroughly and there could not have been a mistake. The Magnolia-TV agency (the company that distributed the news) said the reason for that incident was the ammunition depot and it looked like a criminal fight. Two field commanders did not come to report about the depot, and one of them most likely gave false information to the Americans, saying the depot was guarded by the al-Qaida gunmen. The population is far from being happy about the actions of the American army in Afghanistan, because they bomb the wrong targets "from time to time." What’s going to be next?

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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