AIDS deaths higher than Bubonic Plague

AIDS is the world’s Black Death on the threshold of the 21st century, having already claimed more lives than the Bubonic Plague.

An article in the British Medical Journal claims that over 65 million people around the world have been killed by AIDS, which is more than the Bubonic Plague, which in the 14th Century caused the largest pandemic in world history as the so-called Black Death swept across Europe and Asia, wiping out 40 million people, a third of the population of these continents.

As with the Plague, most of the victims of AIDS are poor people whose ignorance and lack of means are translated into a hopeless situation. Unable to afford medication and not knowing the causes of the disease, large swathes of the population in Africa continue to be at high risk, despite the fact that the UNO has released 1.7 billion USD to combat the disease this year.

However, this falls short of the 3 bn. USD needed to make an effective campaign of prevention in Africa, while three million people are dying each year from the disease and the number is rising.

Peter Lamptey, President of the International Institute of Health and the Family, at the University of Arlington, USA, states that “We urgently need an effective and safe vaccine to save lives. We need treatment and aid programmes, but also an intensive prevention programme”.

Tests are being carried out in Africa and Asia by pharmaceutical laboratories, who claim to be on the verge of a breakthrough.

However, another fact, and a worrying one, is that the AIDS virus appears to be in a constant state of mutation, similar to its supposed relative, Simian Immuno-Defiency Virus (SIV). This means that any attempt to outrun its mutations will leave the scientific community on a Quixotic chase after…they know not what.


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