Srdja Trifkovic: The West will pay dearly for the devastation of Christianity. Islam has a wild appetite.

The post-Christian, liberal and egalitarian democracy of the West was trying to neutralize the influence of Islam right up to the tragic events of September 11 in the United States. Washington’s strategies of foreign policy were playing up to the geo-strategic ambitions of the Muslims, throwing the small Christian nations (the Serbs, the Greek Cypriotes today, the Bulgarians and the Greeks tomorrow) to be torn to pieces by the Islamites. They were hoping to pay themselves off in the eyes of the Islamic world for the half-century blind devotion of the official America to Israel. They did not realize that such generous help could only stir up wild appetites and pave the way for the clash between Islam and the rest of the world in the new millennium.

Now, the West has only one way to avoid a full-scale collision: to pretend that there is no such problem. In other words, to open the gates for the huge waves of immigrants and the so-called searchers for political shelter from the East and to yield without even the slightest struggle.

The Islamic preachers of the West have continued to insist after the events of September 11 that their teaching was only “a participant enjoying the equal rights in the competition of different ideas and ideologies of the up-to-date Western world.” They do not forget their radical ideas at that, not even a bit.

As a matter of fact, Islam entered the new millennium being stronger than ever. First of all, this is neither a European nor a Christian teaching, which makes it the natural ally of the reigning cultural elite of the modern West. At the same time, the followers of Islam take the exclusive priority over Bush, Clinton, Blair, Chirac, and Schroeder. These leaders are unable to awake their sleeping masses to fight for their tepid and tasteless "ideology" of the multicultural society.

The followers of the Muslim religion have the advantage over the Christian religion, especially the protestants, the spiritual “elite” of the modern West, which lost its faith in anything and turned its temples in social employment or group therapy centers. Such churches do not give anything to the soul that is longing for faith and God, and the vacuum that is formed there is filled in the most aggressive way possible. The petrodollars are permanently nurturing Islam, which is now gaining force, and Islam is using the liberal West's own language and symbols to trample it down.

It is no use blaiming Islam and the Muslims, because this is absolutely natural for them. Martin Luther would say that they “kann nicht anders,” which means they can not lead a different life.

Islam is growing by millions and millions of people at the moment, while the West is spiritually weak. Many people have already acknowledged the idea fact that European civilization is dying out, breathing its last gasp. Those who do not wish to think this way ought to be more careful regarding the tokens of capitulation from within. It is either stupid or not honest to pretend like Bush and Clinton that Islam does not differ much from Anglicanism or Lutheranism. It is both, taking into consideration the person from whom this assertion originated from.

Translated from Serbian by Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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